Zip Line Canopy

One of the most popular tours of Manuel Antonio is known to be Zip lining high above the rainforest canopy. This in many ways is synonymous with Costa Rica. Originally in troduced during the 1970s, zip-lines have developed into one of the country’s most popular and widespread activities. Composed of steel cables and platforms strung at various heights between trees, they offer travelers a unique and safe means of accessing beautiful and remote natural areas.

And although they undoubtedly boost the adrenalin of each and every participant, zip-lines also educate their riders on ecology, botany, and reforestation practices. You can find zip-lines all over Costa Rica, but some of the best are in Manuel Antonio. Zip-lining is suitable for all ages, and requires no previous experience.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the second most visited park in the country and the most popular attraction of Manuel Antonio. Drawing visitors with its white sand beaches and amazing wildlife, the park is a must see destination for anyone visiting the area. Combining Primary and Secondary Tropical Rainforest, the park is home to 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds. You can feel free to follow the hiking trails and explore the park on your own. A more comprehensive understanding of the delicate ecosystem can be obtained with the help of a trained Naturalist guide. The park guides visit the park daily, and are very much in tune with the patterns of movement of the animals, meaning that they know exactly where to look to find the varied species. They have superior scopes and binoculars for enhanced viewing, and extensive wildlife knowledge.

Mangrove Boat / Kayaking

Immerse yourself in indescribable beauty, where nature reveals its flawlessness. In the mangrove tour everything flows harmoniously, the blend of fresh water and salt water, the diversity of the most extraordinary Costa Rica plants and wildlife in all its splendor. In perfect combination with the Manuel Antonio National park, the Mangrove offers 4 beautiful varieties of amazing trees, unforgettable Costa Rican scenery and the magic that you can only feel when connecting one on one with the Costa Rican wildlife. Relax in the boat and allow the guides to care of you and your family in a perfect journey to the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, where ocean and rivers become one. This tour is perfectly safe and comfortable, a relaxing and informative ride for all ages.


This must be one of the most highly talked about adventure tours in the area. Drive 30 minutes outside of town to the mountains where your tour begins. You will receive instructions and be given your 4-wheeler. Follow a hair-raising guided tour up into the mountains surrounded by lush rainforest, through streams, and along rivers. You will not believe how fresh the smells are and how big the plants and flowers grow in this climate.

You will then stop, take a short jungle hike to an amazing waterfall with a natural swimming hole. After cooling off at your leisure you will cross over a 127 meter long suspension bridge, 40 meters high over a gorge with views of another spectacular waterfall over 30 meters high. You then jump back onto your 4 wheelers for another exciting ride through the jungle and return to the rancho where you will be served a delightful “Tico-style” lunch.

*Waterfall flow is seasonal, with the strongest flow between May and November

White Water Rafting / Kayaking

If you head out into the hills, just 35 minutes northeast from the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area, you will discover the beginning of Costa Rica’s best commercial run. Be ready to bounce and squeeze through the gorge’s tight rock walls, maneuver and carve around massive boulders and bends, and sweep down drops through challenging unforgettable chutes. This is a 2 mile stretch of rapids you will never forget.

The famous “Chorro” section starts in the mountain village of Esquipulas. Our route carves deep into the river’s exposed bedrock, making this thrilling section of the Naranjo River a rush for true adventure seeker. Offering challenging rapids for the beginner to the expert ranging from 1, 2 and 3 difficulty levels. The Savegre river is a calmer choice, for those with less experience or who simply want to take it a bit slower to enjoy the scenery.

Between runs you will have the opportunity to witness untouched tropical forest yielding various species of birds such as the Chestnut Toucan, Aracaris, and several kinds of Kingfishers, and in the case of the Savegre river, make a stop at a beautiful waterfall to take pictures and play. This unique yet challenging opportunity offers a first-hand look at Costa Rica’s bountiful nature and dominating rivers. Adventure tours like this are the perfect experience for families with teenage children and groups up to 5 to enjoy together. Enjoy the rush. Pura Vida!

Horseback Riding Beach / Waterfall

The Horseback Riding Beach tour starts with a short trail ride through local rainforest, and as you arrive at the beach destination, you will see an almost completely deserted beautiful black sand beach. Known for rare Scarlet Macaw sightings, this beautiful wide beach serves as the perfect backdrop to gallop freely along the warm Pacific shoreline. Beginners to advanced riders will enjoy this ride, these well-trained horses have been taking care of riders since 1994.

Prefer a calm relaxing “trot” along the beach rather than a fast paced gallop through the countryside? Not a problem. Villas Oasis offers its guests a selection of Horseback tours, for example, another great and well-recommended tour would be the well known “Nauyaca Waterfalls” horseback riding tour.

For information about the varying experiences and styles between these tours please talk to your concierge, for full information.

Spice Farm Tour

This unique opportunity to visit a working spice farm should not be missed by any true “foodie”. The “Flavors of the World” spice plantation tour and tasting begins with a visit to the post-harvest warehouse where they dry, process, and package the spices and explain their ancient origins, histories and properties. The tour continues with a gentle walk through the plantation, with sensory stops along the winding “Epiphyte trail”, where you will experience the sights, tastes, aromas, and flavors of tropical spices, essential oil plants, tropical flowering plants and rock gardens.

You will pass the fish pond on your way to the Punta Mira Viewpoint, where you will be delighted by an assortment of gourmet chocolate, vanilla, and Ceylon cinnamon treats. A stop at the Spice Shoppe rounds out the tour. The focus of the farm is sustainability – certified organic since 1992.

Rainmaker Conservation Project


Certified Nature Interpreters guide you throughout these trails to a series of waterfalls culminating into a natural pool in which our guests enjoy a refreshing dip. Many different rustic wooden suspension bridges, connected by platforms, create the Rainmaker Canopy Walkway System totaling a length of 651 feet(200 meters).

The system was designed to allow the visitor the unique opportunity to view the forest and its inhabitants in the beautiful treetop canopy from 160 feet (50 meters) above ground. The astonishing views of the coastline, mountain streams, waterfalls and the magnificence of its rainforest, all make Rainmaker an essential destination for nature lovers, especially for those with interest in the more elusive animals such as smaller reptiles and specific insect species.

Surfing Lessons

Costa Rica is on top of anyone’s list for surfing, here you can surf in warm waters without a wetsuit and enjoy clean surf breaks from every coastline. Manuel Antonio caters more to the beginner and moderate surfer, however with a nice swell these local break can be fun for people at all levels.

If you have surfed before, there are plenty of places to rent a board.

There are also a few surf schools where you’ll learn to stand up in no time. All surf boards and equipment are top of the line and well-maintained for your safety and fun. Before getting into the water, their bilingual instructors will give you a safety talk and demonstrate the first steps of surfing. When you are ready, a instructor will accompany you into the waves for you try the real thing!

Sunset Sail (Dolphin / Whale Watching)

Aboard one of several first-rate catamarans, you will have a choice of a morning or sunset sail into the Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve (the Sunset Sail is offered seasonally, from November until June when the afternoon skies are dry and clear). Dolphins often play in the wake as you sail silently through the blue Pacific waters. The rush of wind and waves is frequently interrupted by the splash of dolphins and whales coming near for a closer look.

A swim and snorkeling break offers the viewing of many different kinds of beautiful reef fish, while enjoying the cool waters. Some boats offer a waterslide which is great fun for all ages! Seasonally, sea turtles frequent the waters off the Marine Reserve as well. The sunset cruise offers the wonders of the offshore islands in a spectacular setting as the sky changes colors in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Enjoy a typical BBQ lunch or dinner and refreshing beverages while taking in the scenery.

Sport Fishing

Quepos is known globally as one of the world’s finest sport fishing locations. Marlin Magazine recently named Quepos one of the best locations in the world for “all around action”.

The tour begins two hours before low tide, which means all “fish schools” are coming out from the Mangroves. This will give you a great opportunity for a great catch!

Inshore angling requires only a short run to the fishing grounds, this is relatively inexpensive and offers great views of the coast. Expect lots of Rooster Fish, Dorado(Mahi-Mahi/Dolphin Fish), Jack Crevalle, Snapper and Mackerel to complete your catch. The offshore reefs will provide good numbers of Amber Jack, Snapper, Tuna, Black/Blue Marlin and all the Sailfish you can imagine when in season. All equipment is professional grade, the best captain available, and baits.

Bring your catch back to the rancho at Villa Oasis and fire up the grill!


If you enjoy nature, you will love Costa Rica below the surface! Thanks to the visionaries like the late Jacques Cousteau, our Central American country has been developing into one of the Pacific Coast’s most popular diving destinations. At the new diving center in the Central Pacific Region,a full spectrum of services is offered like PADI Resort Courses for the entry level diver, as well as other PADI Course instructions for more experienced divers who want to advance their skills.

These custom 41 foot diesel powered dive vessel will ensure small boat quality diving with large boat comforts. The boat features a dive platform, ladders, tank racks, dry storage, fresh water shower and sound system. The colorful rock & reef formations are home of huge schools of Barracuda, Jacks and Grunts. There are also numerous species of Pelagic fish, Turtles, Groupers, Snappers, Angels, Moorish idols, Trumpet fish and various types of Eels and Crustaceans.


Looking for the ultimate Holistic experience? Manuel Antonio is famous for its many professional massage therapists that will come to your villa and offer many types of full body massage from deep tissue to a relaxing traditional massage. These therapists typically charge $60 per person per hour. Or perhaps you prefer the full experience. Take a 3 minute trip down to the beautiful Spa and select any one of our full Packages. Here at this 5 star reserve you will spend hours of pure bliss receiving the ultimate in spa luxury. Chocolate body wraps, hot stone massage, intense hand and foot massage, are we relaxed yet?

Perhaps you are interested in some meditational Yoga. Manuel Antonio is the perfect place for this type of practice. The warm sun heats and softens your muscles along with the soothing rhythm of the ocean, carrying you into a natural breathing pattern relaxing your senses and connecting you with nature. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced Yogi we know that you will find the meditations found through our tropical environment truly a transformational experience in our Yoga sessions.

Jet Ski Tour

Here you will be offered a unique, guided water safari in which a group of people can observe and enjoy the beautiful islands, animal species, history and coastline of Manuel Antonio National Park, while applying safety and respect for the environment, in an exotic and thrilling Waverunner experience. This tour is fun for the whole family and all ages with no prior experience necessary. Enjoy the following landmarks and activities along the way: Dolphin hunt, snorkeling, Punta Quepos, Isla Larga, Isla Oloquita, Isla “Verde”, Punta Cathedral, Islas Gemelas, Playas Manuel Antonio, and Playa Beisanz.


….. a thrill like no other!!!! Give yourself a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Manuel Antonio coastline from up to 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Come enjoy Costa Rica’s most exhilarating and exciting adventure. Parasailing with a team of professional staff will be the most exciting thing you do all year. Imagine soaring high above the emerald blue waters of the Pacific Ocean with the majestic mountains, jungle and surrounding offshore islands as your backdrop.

Like a combination of hot air ballooning and sitting on a swing, parasailing is simply a must for any age. We offer “WINCH DIRECT PARASAILING” which is known as the safest and most widely accepted form of parasailing in the world today. This custom built winch boat is “state of the art”, utilizing a hydraulic launch and recovery system. This type of parasailing allows you to safely take off and land from on board the boat and not off the beach. The boat is launched directly from the docks of Marina Pez Vela. You will not get wet unless of course you request a dip!

Waterfall Rappelling / Adventure Park

This off-road trip takes you to a part of the rainforest most tourist don’t see. A true Costa Rican paradise experience traveling through quaint tico villages with flora and fauna to be captured on camera and to relive in your memories after you leave Costa Rica.

Enjoy a typical Costa Rican lunch overlooking the swinging bridge and canyon waterfall.

One fall is 45 meters and another is 55 meters high. All guides are safety conscience and professionally trained to help curb your fears. All equipment is certified. The canyoning tour is for anyone in moderate physical condition. Child-friendly, no experience necessary.

For those looking for even more adrenaline, the adventure park is the perfect option. Start out by traveling down the barrel of a river in a Hummer truck, then ride up a very steep mountain overlooking the beautiful scenery. After hiking through the mud you will fly through the skies on the Tarzan swing and finish with some spectacular rappelling and zip-lining. Prepare to get soaked!